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POP Figurines

DC POP Figurines

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DC POP Figurines

'DC' which is short for 'Detective Comics' launched in the 1930s and have grown into one of the greatest comic book publishers in history! DC Comics and by extension the DC Universe features some of THE greatest Superheroes and Villains to ever grace comic books, TV shows, Movies and more!

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and tonnes more, these heroes and their arch-nemesis's have become cultural icons, loved by people all around the world. Don’t forget their non-DC Universe releases too, such as the amazing Watchmen, V for Vendetta and more! Both titles became instant movie classics for comic book fans.

DC establishing themselves over decades, and nearly a century has led to an amazing array of Funko POP figurines. Whether they are just casual POPs or Collectors items, they are great and we have them!

Please note that below are what we believe are the best DC Funko POP figurines around, that way you do not need to wade through anyway that you are unfamiliar with. We have taken care of that for you! So be sure to check back regularly as we update the selection regularly.

DC POP Figurines

Classic Batman
POP Figurine

Another great new Batman now with the flowing cape. It is a striking and essential addition to most Bat-fan collections. He always looks sooo cool in black.

Wonder Woman
POP Figurine

The Amazon warrior princess known as Wonder Woman is about to take your collection by storm! Wonder Woman is armed with her sword and a removable shield.

POP Figurine

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Superman! The strongest man in existence but in Funko POP form. One of the greatest Superheroes ever and loved by so many around the world.

Green Lantern
POP Figurine

A highly underrated superhero, Green Lantern should be in most people's favourites list of heroes. With the power of the Green Lantern, your imagination is your limit!

POP Figurine

The King of the Seas! Aquaman is super strong, and now that he's played by Jason Momoa, also super handsome. Just look at how cool his trident is!!

POP Figurine

If you aren't familiar with the comic books, you may have first seen Cyborg in DC's hit TV Show, Teen Titans. Now he hangs out with Superman, Batman & the Justice League!

The Joker 1989
POP Figurine

The all new DC Comics: Batman 1989 Funko Pop! Vinyl's are here! Joker w/Hat is here to join your collection! Look out for the rare chase!

Batman 1995
POP Figurine

The Batman 80th birthday range continues with this epic throwback Batman Funko Pop! Vinyl from the 1995 Comics!

Batman 1939
POP Figurine

Let's celebrate Batman's 80th birthday with this new epic Pop! This Pop! Vinyl is a must have for all DC fans! The epic 1939 version of Batman has been captured in Pop! Vinyl form.

Batman Arkham Knight
POP Figurine

The first series of figures from the Arkham games did fantastically well reaching both gaming and comics fans. Now there is a second wave based on the Arkham Knight game.

The Joker (Dark Knight)
POP Figurine

Take some of the creepiness out of The Dark Knight's The Joker! This Batman Dark Knight The Joker Pop! Vinyl Figure features one of Batman's most maniacal nemeses rendered in the adorable Pop!

DC POP Figurine

This subscription allows you to grow your DC Pop! collection every month with a guaranteed mystery Funko Pop! Vinyl that's not in your collection. Subscribe and grow your collection slowly, but surely!

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