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Different Types of POP!

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What are the different types of common and exclusive pops???

Common Pops

Almost all pops are classified as a common, might be a hard to find common, but still a common. Using recent pops as an example The unstickered Batman Vs Superman pops, the unstickered Star Wars, Saved by the Bell, Friends, Toy Story 20th anniv., etc…

  • not stickered for a specific store
  • can be found as almost all retail outlets
  • Will be around for a while after it initially starts shipping
  • Don’t worry if you don’t get one when your store sells out the first or 2nd time…they will be around
  • No need to overpay for these.
  • Will generally by $8.99-$12.50 each before any store discounts or sales


Chases are variants of common pops. They are packaged in varying ratios from 1:6 to 1:36

  • Will have sticker in the corner of the window noting “Chase Limited Edition”
  • Will be extremely more rare and scarce versus their common counterpart
  • Can possibly be found anywhere the common variant is sold
  • Can also be found randomly in online orders from retailers.
  • Will usually have a metallic or gitd variation from the common
  • Will always carry a higher 2nd market value due to the rarity.
  • Can be found both at retail prices, and marked up prices from from independent shops.

Retail Store exclusive

These are you Hot Topic, Target, Wal-Mart, etc exclusive…

  • Will be stickered for their respective stores.
  • Will only be available stickered (1st hand) from said stores.
  • Will usually still be in decent supply, esp if HT
  • Same retail price as commons, with the exception of some HT’s will be $15.00
  • Will sometimes be available on their website as well
  • Might carry a slightly higher 2nd market premium due to it being “exclusive”

Pre Release Exclusive

  • Only sold at a particular location for a 30/60/90 day window w/ a pre-release sticker on the box
  • Will then be available elseswhere.
  • For value purposes, sticker collectors will prefer this to the unstickered version although the figure is identical.
  • For classification purposes, still considered a common.

Online store exclusive

For the sake of this thread, an online store is a store that does not have a brick and mortar retail location

Examples would be Gemini, Fugitive, Amazon, Popcultcha, etc

  • Will be stickered for their store
  • Only available stickered (1st hand) from their site.
  • Prices are a little higher, usually $10-$25 each
  • Slightly harder to get as their sites are watched by 1000’s and sell outs happen frequently
  • Will carry a slightly higher 2nd hand market value due to it having a higher retail price.

PX Exclusives and GTS Exclusives

These are usually only available from stores that order from the Diamond PX Catalog or GST Distribution. This is usually local mom and pop shops, comic shops, and independent retailers and ebay sellers.

  • Will only be available thru 1st hand Diamond shops.
  • Will be stickered PX Exclusive/GTS
  • Usually priced 12.99-39.99.
  • Can be found in some retail locations sparingly
  • Will carry a slightly higher 2nd hand market value

True Convention Exclusive pops

These are going to be the pops that can ONLY be found at a Convention. There seems to be fewer and fewer of these every year. For the ske of this thread, a true convention exclusive is a pop from a SDCC/NYCC type event bought from the sales floor

  • Can only be bought 1st hand on the show floor or that vendor/booths website
  • May be LE numbered or not.
  • Will be priced approx $15-$30
  • Will not ba available anywhere else 1st hand
  • Some websites will buy them from the show and then flip them on their sites.
  • Recent example, OUAT: Regina w/ heard and glitter dress. Was $15 @ the con, showed up on Gemini the day after the con for $40, and then multiple days later at a higher price.
  • Will almost always have a higher than normal 2nd hand price based on the pops popularity and availability.
  • Will be stickered for the specific con either by funko, or the vendor selling the item.

Convention pops for retail stores and websites

These are pops that are available both on the convention floor and sent to retailers such as Hot Topic, Barnes and Noble, Wal-Mart, and multiple online retailers and others.

  • May have 2 different stickers, one for the con floor, and a generic convention sticker.
  • Will priced $8.99-$20 usually
  • Will be more readily available to everyone, but no re-releases will be done when stock sales thru
  • Some collectors value the floor sticker over the generic sticker.
  • Will usually have a slightly higher value

Remember exclusive does not mean rare

Courtesy of u/Kmoore75801 on Reddit.

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