Fake Funko Pop Guide

Guide To Identifying Fake Funkos!

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Fake Funko Pop Guide

Guide to identifying fake funkos

Written by u/aaronhong13

Alright so you're interested in purchasing a pop, but you're worried you might be buying a fake. If you're looking for a non-authentic pop to add to your collection, that is fine and I have nothing against that. This is for the people who are spending full price on a pop and hopefully avoiding getting a fake in return. For the purposes of the information below, I will refer to all fake variants (custom, "China version", ect) as simply fakes.

1. Let's find some fakes on eBay

  • Search for the pop that you are purchasing and sort by lowest cost.

  • The fakes are now on the top of your results since they are usually the cheapest.

  • Scroll through some of these fakes and open some of the links in different tabs so you can keep some references. Skip the ones with stock photos of the pop as you should never purchase a pop when only given stock photos

2. Now to find some real ones to compare

  • Using the Funko app or poppriceguide.com you can find pictures of the pop and what it's supposed to look like.

  • Let's go back to eBay and start filtering our results.

    • billy funko saw sdcc -china -custom -fake

  • Using this example we are taking out any words that have "china, custom, or fake" in the title.

  • NOTE: There is also a small checkbox near the search you can check to search the descriptions as well. I DO NOT recommend checking this box as real Funkos are made in China so you will filter out real pops.

  • A lot of people recommend setting this to "US Only" or "North America". Using the filtering above, I recommend leaving it at "Default". Just because a Funko comes from overseas doesn't mean that it is fake and just because it comes from within the US, doesn't mean it is real.

  • Alright looking at our results, the first pop is a reproduction as stated in the title and description with the "RP". (This is something that you can filter out if you'd like)

  • Scrolling through, there are more consistent results of Funko Pops that look strikingly similar to each other and that's a good sign that you are looking at a majority of real Funko's. (This differs greatly depending on piece and rarity though).

  • Find a couple that look legitimate (compared to Funko app or poppriceguide) and open them in more tabs

3. Let's compare

  • So I put these images side by side pulled straight from the ebay listings. Let's start going over the differences.

  • Sticker: The notch in the bottom right corner is supposed to look like it's peeling up. You can see this from poppriceguide.

  • Left hand: Billy's left hand is surprisingly transparent and there is no blood on it.

  • Blood: Speaking of blood, there's a lot on the fake's face, but none on his pants/clothing.

  • Eyes: Although it appears that the fake doesn't have the red rings in his eyes, he actually does. But they are really dark.

4. Thoughts

  • 99.9% of the time when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

  • The comparison above is not all inclusive and as more and more fakes are produced, they can change things up (like getting the right sticker or better blood patterns). Sometimes there are other differences found on other parts of the box. This example just talked about the pop and the front of the box.

  • Not all fakes are created equal. Mass produced ones in China will be more common, but there are a few fan created replicas that has more details than the China versions.

  • Always do your research and when in doubt ask. There is a weekly thread posted every Tuesday for people to ask about fakes.

  • Due to eBay/Paypal having your back if you are bait-and-switched or if you do someone receive a non-authentic Funko, I'd recommend eBay. For in-person or Facebook group or anything like that, use Paypal Goods and Services.

5. F.A.Q

  • Q: I don't see any fake eBay listings for 'X' pop. Does that mean I'm safe?

  • A: Kind of... Companies in China are not going to make fakes of all Funkos. They usually try to make the higher end pops. If there isn't listings on eBay, check aliexpress (usually they only have stock photos though). Ask for photos of the pop and closely inspect it with real ones. Although there might not be fakes, that doesn't mean there aren't talented people out there making customs versions that look real enough.

  • Q: Can you write up a specific guide for 'X' pop?

  • A: I actually attempted that and that is how I ended up writing this guide. We all have our own grails and what we want. It's difficult for me to identify all the signs for fakes from series that I don't collect or know nothing about. This is more to assist others in what they're passionate about.

  • Q: What can I do to help the community?

  • A: Well maybe you can write up something similar to a pop you know very well and prevent others from being scammed.

  • Q: Can I post this somewhere else?

  • A: I wouldn't mind as long as it was just a link to this post.

Disclaimer: This information is current as of May 7th, 2019. I am not responsible for the purchases that you make. Don't be a dumb-dumb. I'm an internet stranger and the information I might be providing always has a chance to be completely wrong. I do not represent Funko, eBay, PopPriceGuide, or any other entity listed above.

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