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Mystery Box (Damaged)

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''Why would I buy a mystery box?'' - Is a common question asked by a lot of collectors, mainly by people who are just starting out. To be fair, it is a very good question and a question which we asked at the beginning of our Funko adventure. Since then we have bought a few from well known retailers and also fellow collectors on Instagram and Facebook as well. Mystery boxes can be based on certain lines such as Movies, Animation or Marvel. They can be based on 'a treasure hunt' - for example there are 50 boxes for sale but only 1 of them will contain the prized pop aka grail.

We would like to mention a type of mystery box which is not so popular... The Damaged Mystery Box. DAMAGED?! We hear you ask.. Yes, damaged but please do not turn away just yet, hear us out first.

Lets take a look at some of the ones we purchased recently..

Brite Bomber's outisde casing has bubbled and opened up, but the figure itself is undamaged.
Will The Wise has a small rip on the back corner of his box and the rest is mint. (Who looks at the back?!)
Sauron has a dent/crease in the top corner,but everywhere else is as it should be.
Finally, John McClane has similar damage as Sauron across the top of the box.


Now as you can see from the above photos, it is very, very minor damage which of course could be a problem for some collectors which is completeley understandable. But lets be fair, if you lined them up in your collection, who would notice? Not many! The type of collector which will benefit hugely from this type of mystery box is OOB (Out Of Box) collectors. The Mystery Damaged box brings a complete surprise of four amazing items straight to your door! The window display boxes of these Funko items will be damaged or dented, but this is the perfect way to get discounted Funko Pop Vinyl figures.

There is no guarantee of what will be inside – the mystery box could include any mixture of Pop Vinyls, Dorbz, Hikari, Rock Candy as well as Chases, Exclusive Pops, Vaulted Pops, Pop Rides, Supersized Pops and more! It is even possible to get Mopeez, Fabrikations & Vinyl Idolz!

Please note duplicates are possible if you order more than one 4 pack.

If you would like to purchase one of these boxes, please click here!

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